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Education or learning, which plays more role in your life?

Do you remember how many years of your life you have spent on studying? I am talking particularly about the formal education that we go through until we get a job.

I calculated it today, turns out I have spent more than half my lifetime till date, just studying. This blew my mind! However, one question that I still cannot get answer for is:

What should I call it – 18 years of education or learning?

Education is something that is done to you. Learning is something you do for yourself.

-Joi Ito

As rightly said by Joi Ito, learning is you, your life experience, your journey, your understanding, while, Education is something we get from others – our teachers or schools or colleges. Education gives us access to knowledge that is already there and we just need to remember or study it.

As a kid I was always encouraged to study and get “good marks”. Marks were always the deciding factor of who will be celebrated in the classroom and who would be considered “weak”. I never wanted to be in the weak category, so I tried my best to get those numbers. Sometimes, I was even rewarded by my parents based on my mark sheet.

Obviously I did not understand the impact of this education system back then. Neither did my parents.

When I look back now, I feel, was it the best way of encouraging kids and young minds to learn? Or were we just trying to get educated and have a marksheet with us for rest of our lives?

I am no where doubting the importance of education, it definitely is important! What I wonder is, shouldn’t we be focusing more on learning than just remembering stuff to get good marks?

From my personal experience, I spent four years studying Engineering. Again I was more focused on getting good marks and excelling in “numbers”. However, If you ask me today, I am applying zero percent of what I studied back then, in my day to day life. Instead, what is coming handy is the learnings and the experiences I had while I was living all by myself.

All my glorious marksheets with amazing numbers on them are sitting nicely in my cupboard drawer while I achieve my dream from the learnings I had throughout my life. All those numbers are now forgotten, the only thing matters is my learning and experiences.

One question still remains, who will teach us how to deal with real life crisis and situations? Or is it something to be learned the hard way.

Hello there! Thankyou for reading this post. I would love to know what was your experience with Education and Learning? What would you prefer?


Published by nɔkplim media

Agbosu Alfred is a teacher trainee @ the Peki University College of Education

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